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Designer Slaton White joins our usual panel to break down our most recent Milestone, discuss the struggles of iterating within VR, and share favorite hits from E3 2017. The team looks at Polybius, the urban legend that became a real game. Camouflaj's resident chess guru, Brandon Barton, also joins to discuss Chess Ultra, a VR chess game. 

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The team discusses game preservation, VR arcades, and the state of horror and peripherals in VR with looks at Wilson's Heart and Farpoint.

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Guest Ryan Darcey joins to discuss the challenges of being an indie developer and the balance required when creating new features, then the team chats about recent PC releases Narcosis and Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality.

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The team discusses the one year anniversary of République and VR's emergence as a new medium. James and Ryan close with a look at the biggest fan speculations on Resident Evil VII.

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The team discusses design trends among VR shooters, plus the huge spoiler filled discussion of Resident Evil VII continues.

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The Camouflaj team reflects on Republique’s development and discusses the incredible Resident Evil VII.

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Camouflaj Radio is back! Joined by a special guest, the team looks back at a busy 2016, answers listener questions, and discusses what's next for Camouflaj.

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The team looks back at 4 years of Republique development, live from Camouflaj's PS4 release party.

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Camouflaj Radio Tape 29

The team looks back at Republique Episode 4, discusses Episode 5's upcoming release, and the challenges of adding ambitious features late in development.

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Camouflaj Radio Tape 28

The team discusses PS4 development, getting closer to the end of production, and...dragons.

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