Camouflaj Radio

Nearly five hours of glorious game development chatter including special guests Refract Studios and a two-hour special segment 100% dedicated to Dark Souls.

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Playtesting, iPad mini report, bug tracking, and a Tabletop RPG 101 session courtesy of Game Smiths' Hank Woon.

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Camouflaj Radio Tape 03

This might be our biggest episode yet. First, Jake Kazdal and Colin Williamson of 17-Bit join the podcast to lend some insight into the development of their upcoming title, Skulls of the Shogun. Our own Ezra Hanson-White regales us with tales of Japan's Sense of Wonder Night 2012, where his incredible indie game Memory of a Broken Dimension was an official selection. Finally, along with a series of huge development updates, the team looks back on a tense crunch period and examines their successes and missteps. Hosted by Ryan Payton and Jeremy Romanowski.

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The team talks in-office ARGs, avoiding the dreaded PAX flu, and Dark Souls PC solutions. Also in store: some earth-shattering insights into Republique's progress, and a look back at their rollercoaster Kickstarter campaign. Hosted by Ryan Payton, Jeremy Romanowski, Henry Connor, Brendan Murphy, and Billy Berghammer.
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David Hayter, Kris Zimmerman Salter, Rena Strober, and Chip Beaman guest star in the inaugural edition of Camouflaj Radio. Hosted by Ryan Payton, Billy Berghammer, Jeremy Romanowski, and Paul Alexander. 
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