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République is coming December 19! Camouflaj discusses the hardships of wrapping Episode 1 and looks to the future.

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Pre-beta crunch on République -- the team reflects on our recent playtests, debate Zager content, and give an import review of Monster Hunter 4!

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The Camouflaj team has a heart-to-heart about the ups and downs of République's development.

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David Hayter, Kris Zimmerman Salter and Kickstarter backer Kevin Clark join the show to talk about our recent République recording session in Los Angeles.

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8-4's Mark MacDonald joins the program to discuss Feature Complete, environment art, "perf," and The Last Of Us.

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République campaign progression, production schedules, Xbox One, Tomb Raider, and very special mystery guest!

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GDC, Unite, Monaco, BioShock Infinite, and all the hardcore dev chatter we could cram in.

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Camouflaj bucks the "February Funk" with a big GDC deliverable.

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Buck the February Funk with new Republique screenshots, PS4 announcement, and spoiler-filled Walking Dead discussion!

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Featuring special guests Matthew Burns (Shadegrown) and Billy Berghammer, and "Dev Deathmatch" as the Camouflaj team uses the podcast to determine what République deliverables we should tackle next!

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