Camouflaj Radio (gaming)

The team discusses game preservation, VR arcades, and the state of horror and peripherals in VR with looks at Wilson's Heart and Farpoint.

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The team discusses the one year anniversary of République and VR's emergence as a new medium. James and Ryan close with a look at the biggest fan speculations on Resident Evil VII.

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The team discusses design trends among VR shooters, plus the huge spoiler filled discussion of Resident Evil VII continues.

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The team looks back at 4 years of Republique development, live from Camouflaj's PS4 release party.

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Camouflaj Radio Tape 29

The team looks back at Republique Episode 4, discusses Episode 5's upcoming release, and the challenges of adding ambitious features late in development.

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Camouflaj Radio Tape 28

The team discusses PS4 development, getting closer to the end of production, and...dragons.

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The team discusses République's PS4 development, Gamescom, and showing the game at PAX.

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The team discusses République EP4 & EP5 alpha, E3, VR, and GungHo.

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République EP4 and EP5 preview, Unite Asia, and Bloodborne.

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The team reflects on the release of Republique Remastered on PC & Mac, discusses the upcoming Unite conferences in Asia, and talks about paper prototypes of digital games.

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