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Camouflaj Radio Tape 28

PS4 development, nearing the end of production, and dragons.

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Developing République on PS4, Gamescom, and PAX.

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République Episode 4, Episode 5 alpha, E3, VR, and GungHo.

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Preview of République Episodes 4 and 5, Unite Asia, and Bloodborne.

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République Remastered on PC and Mac, the upcoming Unite Asia conference, and paper prototypes of digital games.

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Design tests, République Remastered PC release teaser, and GOTY for 2014.

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République Episode 3: Ones and Zeroes releases, reflections on its development, and listener mail.

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Guest Mark MacDonald, République PC beta, République Episode 3, Star Citizen, and the Persona series.
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Camouflaj's interns, Steamworks integration, and Japanese interview with UI designer Yusuke Ikewada.

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Guest Mike McCain from Hairbrained Schemes, Episode 2's release, Episode 3's production, and development on PC and Mac.

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