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République Episode 2's release on the App Store and reflections on its 16 week long development.

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République Episode 2's development, Steam Dev Days, and listener mail.

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République Episode 1's release on iOS.

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République Episode 1's release date of December 19, difficulties of wrapping up Episode 1, and looking toward the future.


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République's pre-beta crunch, playtests, Zager content debate, and Monster Hunter 4.

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The ups and downs of République's development.

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Guests David Hayter, Kris Zimmerman Salter, and Kickstarter backer Kevin Clark and our recent République recording session.
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Guest Mark MacDonald of 8-4, Feature Complete, environment art, performance, and The Last of Us.

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République's campaign progression, production schedules, Xbox One, and Tomb Raider.

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GDC, Unite, Monaco, and BioShock Infinite.

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